The Man’s journey retreat

The Man’s journey retreat

Every man makes his own journey. The journey takes you through your inner life and is reflected in your family, relationships and work. This journey is never meant to travel completely on your own.

Every year Tertius coaching organizes a 4-day retreat in the rugged north of the Scottish island of Skye.

A beautiful accommodation, situated by the sea with “the Quiraing” in the back garden, Scotland’s most impressive mountain landscape.

Four days listening to an inspiring speaker / coach, listening and sharing your experiences with a group of like-minded men. And … a wonderful walks in nature.

In short, a unique opportunity to be inspired and to inspire others: because your story is unique!

If the following themes appeal to you:

  • Take responsibility for your own life;
  • Initiation;
  • Dare to be honest and vulnerable;
  • Discover your masculine power;
  • Discover what deprives you of your strength;
  • What being a father/leadership means (especially when you have missed a father figure or mentor in your life);
  • Learn to set limits;

And if you also appreciate Scottish nature and want to discover the power of stories and myths, then this men’s retreat in Scotland (Isle of Skye) is for you!

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is the largest island of Scotland and is located on the west coast of Scotland. The island is connected to the mainland with a bridge, so you don’t have to take a ferry. This unique island is known for its beautiful and varied nature.

The island can be reached by public transport from Glasgow (airport) or Inverness (airport).

The accommodation is a hostel that is reserved for participants only during the retreat.

Accommodation (dormitories), food and drinks included.

Tip: After the retreat it is possible to book some nights (20 £ per night) at the Hostel. Absolutely worth it just to go out on your own and take the time to give your experiences a place.

For more info or questions, feel free to send me an email.