What you do says nothing about who you are,
who you are says everything about what you do

What you do…

says nothing about who you are, who you are says everything about what you do

The coach and trainer that I am now comes from 20 years of experience in working  intensively and managing teams.

I have always worked with heart and soul to bring out the best in people. Whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, social worker, artist, cleaner or teacher; we can all make a difference when we discover the obstacles in our thinking and learn to function from our strength.


I am happy to help you find your equity to do this. Feel free to look around and who knows you’ll find what you are looking for.  

Because, we all do search. Whether this is to meaning, vision, career or to something of yourself that you have lost. The road to a goal (whatever this may be) can sometimes be experienced as chaos.

As a coach I can offer help to find ways together that are not yet visible to you. To bring order in the chaos. 

On this site you can read who I am and what I stand for.

Good luck, and maybe we will meet soon.


Let me introduce myself…

I am Aldo Olijrhook, married and father of four children: three already big sons and a daughter. I was born in Rotterdam in 1971. A road full of mountains and valleys has brought me to where I am now. The last 20 years of my life have been dominated by leadership. I led teams that consisted of all sorts of people with different cultural backgrounds.

Over the years, managing teams became increasingly coaching people. At a certain moment I made a choice for myself: do I continue to focus on management or do I focus on coaching people? In the end I chose the latter.
I would describe myself as an approachable person. With me you can be yourself.

Coaching sessions

What can you expect?

  • A listening ear
  • Help finding your objective (s)
  • Help to gain insight into thoughts that hinder you
  • Help to gain insight into your (true) identity
  • Help with searching for your authenticity
  • Space for (your) spirituality
  • Help with converting your uncertainty into self-confidence
  • Tips for more effective communication and fewer conflicts in your life

Important to know

  • I am discreet and work efficiently
  • I have gained a lot of experience in life, where needed I would like to share it with you
  • I can receive you in a neutral space
  • I also coach in the evenings and weekends (Saturdays)

I’m able to think along with you on the following issues

  • How do I deal with a midlife crisis?
  • How do I increase my assertiveness and monitor my own limits?
  • How do I get the best out of myself and my company / function?
  • How do I lead in a positive and appreciative way?
  • How do I create a good balance in my life and work?



  • Intake interview:                  free of charge 
  • Coaching session for private
    individuals (1 hour):            95,- incl. Tax
  • Coaching session for
    companies (1 hour):          125,- excl. Tax

There is no contract that you are tied to, there is no fine print. 

  • Lecture / Workshop per part of the day for companies and associations:           450,- excl. Tax

Cancellations / changes must be made at least 36 hours in advance


As a private individual you can be (partially) reimbursed for the costs of a coaching process in various ways. If you are self-employed or have a company, you can enter the coaching costs as operating costs

Through your employer
An employer often reserves a training budget per employee. The costs of a course are generally many times higher than those of a coaching trajectory, while a coaching trajectory is experienced seen as much more effective and personal. Ask your employer, supervisor or personnel matters Human Resources what the options are.

People with a personal budget can be reimbursed for these costs via the PGB. For more information and the conditions for a PGB you can visit the site of the Per Saldo PGB interest group.

Via the occupational health and safety service of your company

After consultation with the company doctor, employers are often willing to reimburse these costs in the context of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act, for example in the context of burn-out prevention and prevention of long-term absenteeism absence Hereby you must contact the company doctor or the Occupational Health and Safety Service

Via the Tax Authorities

If you, as a private individual, pay the costs for coaching yourself, you can deduct these costs, including Tax, as training costs. The purpose of the process must then be aimed at changing position or at maintaining or improving the knowledge and skills that you need for acquiring or maintaining income from work. For more information you can contact the tax authorities. The costs of coaching are deductible for self-employed entrepreneurs from the tax as operating costs.

Via Health insurance

Coaching does not fall under primary medical expenses and is therefore not always (fully) reimbursed. Yet there are more and more insurance companies that recognize the results of effective coaching and reimburse these in the supplementary insurance packages.

Via the UWV

If you receive a benefit, you can inquire with the benefits agency (UWV) about the available financial resources for your recovery and reintegration. You can conclude an Individual Reintegration Agreement with your UWV. With this, the UWV makes a budget available to you that you can use to pay for your coaching program in whole or in part. For more information, visit the UWV website.